Raleigh Wedding Photographer

I believe your wedding photographs should be about you and your story.  The love you share. The friends and family you're sharing it with and all the details you've selected to make your day special.  I believe your wedding day is more than just a day. It's the beginning of your forever.   

My overall approach to documenting your wedding day is casual, relaxed and relationship focused.  What this means to me is that I want to capture the naturally occurring moments with little interruption.  There are times throughout the day that I will take a more hands on approach to ensure we are creating the best images possible.  This is typically for the formal portraits.  This is when I will direct and pose groups to ensure everyone looks their best.  

So when asked "what's my style" my response is that I'm a relationship based photographer.  I'm looking for authentic moments shared between you and the people you love.  Your friends expressions as they watch you exchange vows.  The tears shed as your mother watches you walk down the aisle.  The look on your partners face when they see you for the first time.  The sweet glances exchanged between you and your partner throughout the day.  

Every thing will be thoroughly documented but I know I've done my job when I have documented the way you feel on the first day of your forever.